Aberdare National Park encompasses the Aberdares which is a solitary volcanic range that constitute the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley, spreading through an area of about 100 km between Thompson Falls and north south of Nairobi. This spectacular area is a lot cooler than the savannahs and offers a unique feel different from other parts of the country. The topography of the park is picturesque as it features a mountainous terrain that is covered in thick tropical forest.

A Kenya luxury holiday experience in Aberdare National Park is unmatched by any other Kenyan park or destination. One of the sensations in this park while having an organized safari game drive is encountering an elephant emerging from the thick rainforest vegetation. These gentle giants can also be spotted at the famous Ark Lodge as they come to take a drink in the nearby waterhole.

The park has a number of spectacular waterfalls that can be seen on a tour around. Some of the rare animals which can be spotted with a bit of luck are the Black Serval, Eastern Bongo and Black Leopard (very rare). Other animals dwelling here include lion, wild dog, giant forest hog, bushbuck, waterbuck, Cape buffalo, eland, eastern black rhinos and over 250 species of birds including African fish eagle, Jackson’s spurfowl, plovers and many more. Another interesting activity wanderlust tourists can undertake is trekking up any of the several high mountain peaks and take in the beautiful scenery from above.

The best time to pay this unique park a visit are the months of January and February, June and September are equally good months too. Because of the region’s high altitude, it is cooler than the savannahs and coastal plains.