Lake Baringo National park is little more than an hour’s drive from Lake Nakuru. There are 13 small islands that dot the lake, the largest of them being Ol Kokwe (The Meeting Place). It was a volcano which had gone extinct, and it harbors prominent hot springs, small bubbling pools, and steam jets along the northeastern shoreline.

Native people usually set out each day to fish in their small canoes even though there are crocodiles present in the lake. These crocodiles, however, are not a threat because they primarily feed on the lake’s fish and they seemingly lost appetite for mammalian flesh.

The lake even offers water activities for water sports fanatics to have their fill of adventure in Kenya. Boat riding and swimming are just some of the water activities you can do. Owing to the fact that this is a freshwater lake, it does not attract flamingos which feed on salty lakes’ algae. Conversely, there are well over 500 species of birds for bird lovers to marvel at. Bird watching is a fulfilling activity even while on a boat ride since you can spot beautiful birds around the area. The majestic Fish eagle swoops down to the lake time to time to catch fish fed to them by the local people.

There is an island on the eastern shore of the lake named as the Rocky Isle of Gibraltar which is privileged with the largest Goliath heron population in the whole of East Africa. Surrounding Lake Baringo is impressive beauty of The Great Rift Valley Escarpment as well as mountains that are high above the Rift’s floor. A few kilometers from the lake’s shore on the other side, the land rises to form huge cliffs which are the Rift Valley’s development.