Serengeti National park is the home of the Great Wildebeest Migration, which contributes largely to its worldwide popularity. The circle of life here and the survival of the fittest are tracked passionately by photographers, documents, safari operators and other travelers every year. Abundant wildlife in the park makes it a must-visit for anyone with an inherent love for the natural world.

On top of the impressive number of wildebeest, the resident population of other big game like lion, elephant, giraffe, cheetah as well as numerous bird species is also great. The park can be separated into 3 parts, the most popular being the southern part called Seronera Valley (Maasai call it “serengit”, the land of endless plains). It’s a characteristic savannah grasslands, brimming with wildlife and acacias are interspersed across the valley. Separated by the Grumeti River, the Western Corridor on the other hand has dense bushes and more forests. The third section of the Serengeti which meets up with Kenya’s Maasai Mara is the northern, Lobo area which is rarely visited.

Game drive in the park is one of the most rewarding activities most visitors come to undertake. A full-day game drive in Serengeti National Park offers scenic wildlife viewing opportunities from the comfort of your safari vehicle. Quite a number of animals are active throughout the day thus they are easily seen while on your Tanzania Luxury Safaris. Another equally satisfying activity in the Serengeti is guided nature walks, which is a unique way of getting in touch with serene nature of the park.

Additionally. There are well over 500 bird species in this vast park that can be sighted on a safari drive. Some of the native as well as migratory bird species include green backed woodpeckers, black headed gonoleks, secretary birds, raptors, silver bird, silvery cheeked hornbills, grey breasted spur fowl, among many others. Hot air balloon safari is another interesting activity to undertake particularly at dawn when the animals are just waking up from their slumber. Lions are especially active at dawn which is a great opportunity to spot them as they stroll around the park

Pay Serengeti a visit for a remarkable experience in a true African wilderness.