Taking a boat ride is one of the several enticing activities to carry out in Lake Naivasha. This is assuredly the most popular attraction at the lake for wanderlust travelers as well as family trippers. This destination fits quite well in a Kenya luxury safari package that includes other renowned famous stops like Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru.

A myriad of birds, over 400 species of them, occasion the waters of this lake sometimes including the prominent flamingos. Along the shores there are some herbivores on display as well like the hippos and cape buffalo which every so often lie around the area to cool off.

An interesting island on the lake, or rather peninsula if you will, is the Crescent Island which could comfortably be connected to by a boat ride. Here you could delight in literally walking with the animals, a pretty sporadic chance for tourists to have. Predators are not prevalent in this sanctuary, therefore you can safely and casually walk among the grazers (zebras, giraffes, and wildebeests). Hell’s Gate National Park is just in the proximity, and it’s in all respects a beautiful place. Despite what the name might suggest, it is not an out of this planet kind of place with crazy allurement. The wildlife population inside the park is relatively sparse mainly being grazers and you can cycle in the park’s soiled roads, climb the soaring pillars, hike its picturesque canyons and so much more unique activities.

The super audacious tourists will absolutely adore a hike on Mount Longonot, another attraction in the propinquity of Lake Naivasha. Prevalent in the Longonot area are antelopes, buffalos and others which you might observe as you make the 4-5 hour hike. After reaching the top, the vantage point will grant you a good view of the Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha. On the west of the lake, a game sanctuary called Crater Lake is quite compelling. Similar to Mt Longonot, the Crater Lake is also a volcano occupied by zebras, giraffes and bird species.