Lake Bogoria covers 107 sq km and lies about 1000 to 1600 m above sea level in the Rift Valley. Lake Bogoria is well-known for its millions of flamingos which frequent it to feed on algae growing beneath the waters. Algae flourish in this lake since it has no outlet thus it has become saline enabling the growth of both green and blue algae. Not only is it popular because of the beautiful flamingo birds, but also geysers bubbling with one of the most amazing hot water volcanic springs.

Lake bogoria has about 200 hot springs which are incredibly hot by the time they spurt off the ground from the depth in the rock fractures. There are wildlife present in the reserve that you can spot on your organized Kenya luxury holiday; zebras, impala, warthogs, leopards, hyena, kudu and others. Olive baboons and vervet monkeys can occasionally be spotted around the hot springs. Other birds aside from flamingos can be seen as well in this reserve; like black-headed herons, sacred ibis and hadada.

Due to the lake’s salinity, few water birds go to its waters. A good place to observe these birds that are not accustomed to alkaline water is the Kesubo swamp. A number of grey crowned cranes can be sighted as they engage in courtship dances. The best time to see this on a Kenya camping safari is during the breeding season.