Adventure travel is about connecting and sharing experiences with other people along the journey. Our category of women travelers bring women together to share in their Kenya safari adventures. Whether you are traveling alone or you have a group of women friends, we have you covered.

Kenya and Tanzania tours are brimming with treasure in every corner. From exciting luxury Tanzania holidays in the wilderness to the peaceful coastal sandy beaches. The destinations in these countries never disappoint intrepid travelers seeking new and refined ventures.

Women are now becoming more interested in traveling solo or in their own company. TripNest Holidays takes into account your preferences to curate for you Kenya Safari holidays which will be memorable. With so much to do in Kenya and Tanzania, there is always a fitting holiday package for every travel enthusiast. Safety is always a priority with us, so while on your journey you can rest easy with your travel guide.

A Nairobi city tour is great for getting travel souvenirs or if you want to do general shopping. Places to go for shopping include malls, the Masai Market, among other places which your travel guide will show you. Nairobi also has some art galleries and museums where you can learn about our rich cultural heritage.

We will link you with other women travelers whether you are traveling alone or interested to join a larger group. Let TripNest Holidays find the best match for you and start traveling today!