TripNest Holidays was born with a zeal of helping travelers realize their dream holidays in Kenya and Tanzania.

We specialize in Tour packaging, flight and accommodation bookings, event organization, transfers, conferences and car hiring services. We are fully dedicated to offering enthusiast travelers a wholesome experience by working closely with hotel managers, ticketing clerks, travel agents and destination marketers.

Our adept guides play a key role in making your trip a success by putting your needs first as well as taking you to the most scenic and exclusive wildlife rich locations in Africa. You don’t have to be reserved to travel because you are solo. At TripNest we link wanderlust travelers so you can share in your experiences and forge friendships.

There are plenty of activities we offer for family travelers, business travelers, thrill-seekers, conservationists, groups of friends, couples, students and all other categories of travelers coming to Africa. You can choose to hike the mountains, do safari drives, indulge in water activities, do city tours, cultural tours, eco-tours, whether you are a thrill seeker or you just want some meditative moments in the peaceful savanna, there are plenty of things for you to do and see.

On top of our regular scheduled tours and safari packages, we also work intimately with you to customize your Kenya safari holiday to fit your needs and preferences, thereby enriching your experience from the outset. Everything is possible with us, therefore you can come up with your preferred itinerary then we will do our best to incorporate with how it can be realized. Your dream is never too big for us, no matter what size group you have in your squad we are glad to assist you plan a marvelous Tanzania adventure safarib.

Our package options are as diverse just as our clients. Accommodation options on safari are equally varied, ranging from opulent lodges in serene environs to economical glamping alternatives which doesn’t forego any of life’s luxuries. All these options are great depending on your preferred choice, food is great, and experience is unmatched.

We are perpetually thinking and coming up with fresh trips for our venerated clients to have finer experiences in Africa. Innovation is one of our motivations not to mention dedication to your inspirations which makes us happy for having contributed to an exciting, safe and successful African adventure. The opportunities for new ventures are limitless when it comes to us, for we embrace thinking outside the box.

Each of our guides have expansive knowledge about Africa’s destinations in addition to adept Kenya and Tanzania holiday experience. All are trained and equipped with necessary skills to lead travelers into wild and exciting adventures with no risks whatsoever. Considering their suitability for their job, our guides have fantastic reviews from past clients who loved the experiences they’ve had on their Kenya Adventure Safaris and Luxury Tanzania Holidays.

We are a devout pioneer of Sustainable Tourism, aiming to preserve the natural habitats of our wildlife by undertaking major eco-tourism projects and partnering with local communities. Many TripNest Guides donate their energy and time to undertake these projects of conserving wildlife and their environment, and as a corporation, TripNest donates a portion of its profits to support local community projects and conservation organizations.

TripNest Resources
In need for extra info as you prepare to plan for your exciting dream adventure? You’re in luck, because on here you will find nifty details such as Visas & immigration info, weather & climate, free stuff and more. Our Travel Experts are only a call away and available on chat too 24/7, in case you need personal help.

Here are the essential travel information

Visas & Immigration
While planning to visit Kenya, it’s essential to prepare with a visa and passport. For a hustle-free entry into Kenya, you need to have a valid passport and the right visa. Read more about our immigration prerequisites.

Tourists are gladly welcomed in Kenya because we love visitors. As of 1 January 2021, travelers are required to obtain an electronic visa prior to arrival in Kenya.

Visas are no longer issued on arrival in Kenya, nor in Kenyan representations. This e-Visa allows entry into the country once for a tourist or business stay or up to 90 days or transit for up to 72 hours. All nationalities are eligible, except 43 who are visa exempt. The average time to obtain an e-Visa is 3 days. Children under 16 years of age are exempt from applying and will only need to present their identity papers. The eligibility criteria to receive a Kenyan e-visa is that travelers must have a passport that is still valid at least 6 months after the date of entry into Kenya.

For a trip to Kenya you can either acquire a single entry Kenya tourist, business e-visa or a Kenya transit e-visa depending on your travel plan. Valid for a 90-day stay, it is best to apply for your Kenya eVisa three days before arrival because visa is not issued on arrival anymore.

Kenya Weather & Climate
Kenya’s weather and climate varies from time to time. Find which time is best for taking your journey.

Kenya is bisected by the equator and has three varying types of climate: Along the coast it is hot and humid, in the west and south-west it is temperate, while in the north and eastern region it is hot and dry.

The warmest period in Kenya is from February to March, while the coolest is from July to August, although the seasonal variations in temperature are quite small.

When is the best time to visit Kenya?
One of the best period to go on a Kenya Adventure Holiday is between July and September. At this time most of the country’s areas are cool and dry, but the best part is that it coincides with the Great Wildebeest Migration from Serengeti into Masai Mara.

Short rainy season between October and December are equally satisfactory for traveling. It’s particularly great in December as you will get to witness numerous migratory bird species as well as newborn wildlife.

If you love to enjoy sunny days in the company of a small crowd, the best time to journey to Kenya is in February. March is also still reasonably warm, and you can be sure of great accommodation rates between these periods.

Health & Safety
Kenya and Tanzania are overall safe places to travel, but it is advisable to read through some guidelines to take prior precautions for extra personal peace of mind.

Here are a few responsible guidelines before you embark on your journey to East Africa. We would like our visitors to experience an enjoyable time as well as a safe journey. When taking a trip to Kenya, we advise you take these same precautions as you would in any other country:

– Carry copies of important personal documents (for example credit cards and passport). Store them in a separate place from your original copies
– Keep your accommodation always locked while you are inside asleep.
– At night in game parks’ accommodations avoid walking outside during very late hours, and don’t use bushy routes.
– When leaving your stuff in accommodations while you are out on safari drives, always keep them locked in a safe.
– Don’t leave your luggage unattended especially in public areas such as airports, bus terminals or railway stations.
– If you lose any of your personal possessions, immediately inform the local officials for assistance.

Kenya’s Currency
Kenya’s unit of currency is the Shilling (Ksh). All major cards are acceptable and can be used in Kenya for transactions, including Visa as well as MasterCard.

The pricing of Tour aspects such as transport and accommodation hugely depend on the season of your travel (time of the year). Tours are generally cheaper in the low seasons of travel, i.e. March to June and October to November, therefore higher in price during peak seasons, i.e. July to September and December to February.

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