Bomas of Kenya is the perfect place to discover Kenya’s finest ethnic groups along with how they live amongst themselves. Its location is right next to Nairobi city’s other major attractions; Nairobi National Park, David Sheldrick’s Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Center. Its exact location is about 10 kilometers from the city’s Central Business District.

‘Boma’ is a Swahili term which refers to a homestead, typical to East African residents. Bomas of Kenya is often referred to as a living museum, particularly because visitors get to experience the rich diversity of the Kenyan traditional music and dances in their daily cultural performances. There is also a splendid display of colorful Kenyan tribes and you can learn a lot about the lifestyle, culture, music and art of every tribe in the villages showcased.

With about 50 various dances from the ethnic communities, the performances feature live percussion, wind and string instruments. The auditorium itself is a large one, accommodating around 3,000 people. It is mainly used for the traditional dance performances, acrobatic displays and also at times for private and political conferences. There are also tribal village replicates that comprise of houses as well as mud huts arranged commensurate with each tribe’s tradition, where you can roam around as you learn more about each of their uniqueness.

Utamaduni restaurant is just inside the premises, where you can enjoy delicacies from various parts of the country, a fantastic way to complete the cultural experience.

The cultural experience is not limited to Bomas of Kenya though, there are other Kenya and Tanzania parks where you can experience these unique performances on a Safari adventure holiday. This safari package is curated with a cultural experience of the unique Masai tribe.