Hiking and walking is a fantastic way to observe marvelous topography while exploring the broad wilderness locations of Kenya.

Walking and hiking options are plentiful in regard to varying levels of fitness, not to mention experience. Some tracks including Mount Kenya call for above average fitness to be able to tackle the challenge. The trail leads to a staggering 5,199-meter summit, thus rookie experience will not suffice. Different trails lead to various points, the easiest route being Sirimon route while Naro Moru and Chogoria routes are more challenging.

However, there are other easy tracks for novice trekkers to enjoy like Mount Longonot which is moderately challenging; it can be tackled with just about moderate fitness. It stands at an elevation of 2,776 meters, located southeast of Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley. After conquering the trail to the top, you are rewarded with a stunning view at the crater ridge overlooking Lake Naivasha and the Great Rift Valley.

Hell’s Gate National Park has a number of walking trails some of which include hiking gorges, forested bush-lands and volcanic plugs. The park has an interesting landscape following the eruption of two extinct volcanoes around the park that formed gullies, vertical columns and ridges.

Karura forest has a striking beauty which you will notice while hiking inside the trails. The trails head to Karura waterfall and caves, which were formerly used by Mau Mau communities as hideouts during the World War. The forest is located in the outskirts of Nairobi city.

Ngong hills is relatively simple to hike, situated only 30 kilometers from Nairobi. It offers picturesque views of the city amongst the surrounding mountain ranges. It stands at an elevation of 2,400 meters and has numerous fantastic view points and picnic spots. Other great nature trails include arboretum, Nairobi safari walk and Chyulu hills.

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