Kenya beach holidays are vibrant, intimate havens which provides a redemption from the busy city life. Along the coastline there are various unique beaches with independent exclusivity.

There are four main distinctive regions along the coastal line of Kenya. The best experience for your Kenya beach holiday is offered by the South Coast where the all-too-famous Diani Beach is located. This South Coast region has a serene atmosphere, countless watersport activities, kids’ entertainments clubs, golf courses, and a wide array of accommodation options: resorts, hotels, hostels and honeymoon tree houses.

Where you can find larger hotel resorts and popular beaches is the Mombasa region. It has an exuberant mood thus attracting adventurers looking for a quintessential sea vacation. For a quieter and serene atmosphere, the South Coast is a better alternative.

A town lying north of Mombasa is the Malindi region. It is at the heart of the most exquisite tropical beaches and resorts in Africa. Snorkeling is a perfect activity in these beaches due to their long and clean nature.

The Lamu Archipelago region makes for a pristine and sensational Kenya beach holiday experience. It is located in the far north of Kenya beach holidays and includes the islands of Manda and Lamu. There are Swahili-style beach houses and small islands which provide wonderful settings for honeymoons and romantic escapes.